CBRN terrorism remains a real threat to European countries, one of the most important elements of this response is ensuring a successful court prosecution.

The Generic Integrated Forensic Toolbox for CBRN incidents, or GIFT CBRN, consortium, funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the EC, aims to develop a forensic toolbox for CBRN incidents that will be the most advanced in the world. The parties intend to further develop the investigative and analytical methods that are currently only used in a secure laboratory environment and instead allow them to be used at the scene of the crime. This means ensuring not only that delicate equipment can be transported to a remote location, but that it is also able to withstand the problems of a CBRN environment; such as decontamination. Through the cooperation of Europe-wide CBRN research agencies, first responders, industrialists and subject matter experts the toolbox will provide enhanced capability in three areas of CBRN forensics;

  1. Procedures, sampling methods and detection of CBRN agents at the crime scene,
  2. Traditional forensic laboratory methods for dealing with contaminated evidence,
  3. Laboratory methods for profiling CBRN agents released at an incident.

For more information please contact: zoe.rutherford@cbrneworld.net




CBRN Forensics Magazines

During the course of the project we have produced two magazines dedicated to GIFT and CBRN Forensics topics.
These magazines contain some fascinating and thought provoking articles that we are sure you will enjoy. Click on the links below to read now.

CBRN Forensics Issue 1
CBRN Forensics Issue 2